Sentencing of OneCoin trial deferred by 6 months for “ cooperation ”


The conviction in the case against one of the main promoters of the OneCoin cryptocurrency scam has been postponed for six months, extending the case for a further period due to the defendant’s “collaboration” with law enforcement.

Konstantin Ignatova was scheduled for sentence on July 8, which at the time had been extended for a further four months, Inner City Press reported. Ignatova was to have been sentenced on November 11, before the most recent extension was filed.

According to a filing from the US Attorney’s Office, the sentence is required for a further six-month deferral, as the defendant’s cooperation is “not yet completed”.

“A sentencing review date is currently set in the above case for November 11, 2020. As the defendant’s cooperation is not yet complete, the government respectfully requests that the sentencing review date be updated by approximately six months. The defense agrees to this request. “

The move secured the support of the defendant’s representatives and will now see the sentence scheduled for May 2021.

The deferral comes as Ignatova continues to help law enforcement with their investigation of other staff behind the scam, most notably former OneCoin attorney Mark Scott, who was arrested based on evidence provided by Ignatova. Scott was recently disbarred in New York following his conviction for conspiracy to commit bank fraud in November 2019.

Law enforcement is also keen to track down Ruja Ignatova, the founder of the Ponzi scheme, who remains at large after apparently disappearing in 2017 when details of the scam first came to light.

While the deferral of sentencing should allow lawmakers to benefit from Konstantin Ingatova’s further cooperation, the move has been criticized as a delay in justice for the victims of the OneCoin crypto scam.

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