Send ripple-based XRP coins via text messages?

XRP text

What is the XRP text?

XRP text is an instant payment system that allows users to transfer encryption through a text message. Initialization of token transfers occurs through specific keying commands represented as text messages on the user's phone, which are first made to the user's personal cryptographic portfolio, from which the tokens are now transferred to the recipient. There are no registration requirements on the platform because only the telephone numbers of the user are used.

XRP text services

Transfer of funds

Users can send a specified amount of XRP tokens to a cell phone number they choose to enter. In the event that the user does not include a country code on the recipient's number, the system automatically uses the user number code. Users can add a currency in USD or EUR after the amount to be transferred so that it can be automatically converted into the current XRP amount with Bitstamp-based rates.

To deposit

Users can also deposit amounts using XRP Text in such a way that the system sends an address of the target portfolio and the user's personal destination tag through the text to the user, allowing them to fund their own accounts. XRP text.


Users can withdraw specific amounts of XRP tokens in their portfolios. The withdrawal transaction is immediately processed by the system. To specify a target tag for collection, users can add two points or spaces.

How the XRP text sends ripple-based coins via text messages

Users send commands to the system in terms of depositing, withdrawing or sending funds to another recipient's mobile phone number by sending a text message to one of the XRP text bot numbers in accordance with their country of origin. The user then receives a text message with a unique seven-digit code that is required to respond to the XRP text bot code so that it can confirm the sending or collection of funds.

In the event that the user is sending funds to another person, both the user and the recipient receive a text message then XRP can also be sent to people who have never used the service in previously.

The TWILIO service is used for sending and receiving text messages. The service charges limited amounts for messages sent by the user. XRP Text bot then converts the commission charged to XRP and charges it to the users account balance.

Benefits of the XRP text

Easy to use

The service is very convenient and easy to use as it does not require many registration details to be used. The only requirement is the mobile phone number of the user that is used to send the text message to the bot.

Instant payment

Transactions are executed automatically and instantly in the system. The user only sends commands via a text message to the XRP text bot, on which they receive a confirmation code text, which they send to the system to confirm the transfer.

Minimum transaction fee

XRP Text charges a small amount to its users for text messages sent and received via TWILIO service, which is converted to XRP token and debited to the user's account balance. Charges range from USD 0.01 to USD 0.09 depending on the user's country of origin.

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