Samsung Galaxy S21 without headphones and charger? The South Korean company is considering this option


Apple turns out to be a trend-setter again and not in a positive way. We are referring to the decision not to offer chargers and headphones with the new phones, a move that other companies in the market will soon make. The first sign in this direction was seen recently when LG sold the phone in a promotional campaign G8X ThinQ without charger in India, and now and Samsung think of such a variant.

It seems that there are already many rumors from South Korea that Samsung will not offer a charger or headphones in the Galaxy S21 box. At the moment everything is up for debate and the company has not made a final decision on the matter. If it happens like Apple, the only accessory we’ll get with the S21 will be the USB-C data cable.

Over the years Samsung has offered accessories such as wired headphones, data cable, power supply, and even USB dongles with some phones, and they will now be excluded from the list. Giving up the two accessories will contribute to a reduction of the box in which the phones are located and so Samsung will be able to carry more units thanks to the small size of the package.

Just like Apple, it will be brought to the fore beneficial impact that abandoning these accessories has on the environment, but in reality Samsung will benefit by reducing shipping costs and selling the accessories separately. If the rumors come true, the Galaxy S21 is gearing up for launch in January 2021.

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