salaries paid and share capital increase of 10 million euros


Telekom Sport expert Cornel Dinu revealed a discussion he had with Pablo Cortacero about Dinamo. The two spoke last Monday night, before the former Dinamo coach was present at the “Minute 91” show.

Two good news at Dinamo! Pablo Cortacero has already announced Cornel Dinu

In recent weeks there have been problems with Dinamo’s non-payment of salaries, and several voices have accused the new management of not bringing the expected money into the club. It seems these problems will be solved.

According to the announcement by Cornel Dinu, following the discussion with Pablo Cortacero, the outstanding salaries will be paid next week and the share capital will be increased by 10 million euros!

Cornel Dinu, after the discussion with Pablo Cortacero: “he is worried”

“I only discussed with Pablo Cortacero. It was simple. I told him the history of Dinamo and the simplicity brought to Dinamo. My opinion is that he was wrong, too many players were brought in. Tonight Cortacero called me” Because he knows what he is up to. happening in Romania. He is worried about all the rumors and positions that are being taken. I told you clearly. I told him the history of Dinamo and how things need to be simplified. Two, three are needed. Spaniards, two, three Romanians and we get to work.

He told me that he was willing to help Dinamo, that there were things that were not true. I told him: “Mr. Cortacero, the world is waiting for you to come with the promised money”. The rest are just discussions >> “Cornel Dinu said during the show “Minute 91”

Pablo Cortacero pays the outstanding salaries and makes a capital increase of 10 million euros

Pablo Cortacero will solve the most important problems at Dinamo. The Spaniard has told Cornel Dinu what he wants to do in the next period, which is the payment of outstanding salaries and a capital increase of 10 million euros.

Instead, Cornel Dinu remains skeptical until he sees the facts from Dinamo’s new management.

“It is clear that the agreement between Cortacero’s group and Negoiţă is not clear. From my information, the money from the LPF, 230,000 euros … If the transfer had not been made, the money would have gone to the old administration. the money, let me think about something else, I have reserves, at this moment a certain amount of the agreement between the two parties, the Spanish group and Negoiţă, of 150,000 euros, had to be paid, if the payment was postponed …

He said there were no problems. I told him salaries had to be paid. He said they would be paid next week. I told him society needs money. He told me that he had already spoken to the lawyer and that he is planning to increase the share capital by 10 million euros. Make the payments you need. Lord, things are not right “Cornel Dinu said.

At Dinamo, instability has its say. The team coached by Cosmin Contra is in 14th place, with five points, after eight games, and Cosmin Contra’s seat is shaking.

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