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Rumor of Oracle Partnership Rumor TRX?

  • Tron Price, 5.2 percent increase
  • Voices of Oracle-Tron Partnership yet to be confirmed
  • Transaction volumes are low, with the probability of accumulating before the 4 hundredths of the test

Days after the NiTron, TRX is making good progress and is solid above 2.5 cents as traders are looking for buying opportunities in less time. Adding this to a probable partnership with Oracle, the path of least resistance seems to be increasing.

Tron price analysis


The news says that Oracle is the last software company to "collaborate" with Tron. As an intelligent app and dApp platform with the ambition to move Ethereum as a go-to platform, this announcement should make waves. Oracle is one of the world's leading software companies offering various services ranging from cloud applications to a multi-model database management system.

In 2014, it was the second software company for revenue streams after Microsoft. In a tweet, Justin Sun said that a Oracle blockchain team visited their offices in San Francisco. However, we can not anticipate ourselves and confirm that there is indeed a partnership without official confirmation.

Justin confirmed that in addition to discussing smart contracts and tokenisation, they touched on a topic or two about "partnership opportunities". At the moment, nothing is official despite Sun's series of claims during the Summit.

Candle arrangements


On the chart, TRX is less than $ 150 million away from replacing Litecoin as the eighth most precious coin in space. It remains the top performer, adding 5.2% in the last day and breaking away from the score of 2.5 cents because the bulls aim to reverse the losses of 10 January.

At this rate, our TRX trading conditions are live. Both groups of operators can add to their long term spot prices with liquidation levels adjusted to the January lows of 2.5 cents.

The objectives will remain the same, and as long as prices tend to exceed 2.5 cents, the reversal model of the double bull bars of the late Dic 2018 and January 13-14 will be valid and indicative of the current trend.

Technical indicator

Also with this, the volumes of participation are at low average 20 million at the time of the press, which is low compared to those of 10-95 million in January. Regardless, the trend remains bullish and participants maintain this pressure, which means that the 4 cents test would be volatile and probably supported by high volume peaks.

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