Rising 16%, Ripple Bulls seems unstoppable


The ripple is rising by 16%, the bulls seem unstoppable

For a second day of this week, the bulls have control of the market. After starting the strong week, the positive trend continues. Today, on 6 November, the momentum seems even stronger than yesterday. Pushing the market forward and hitting new highs is Ripple. In the last couple of hours, Ripple has surpassed most of the coins on the market, recording price growth of up to 16%. This has seen its price increase from just over $ 0.46 to what is now $ 0.541214.

This price jump was contributed to a series of positive news on the project. For starters, xRapid of the project has been adopted by several major banks in recent months.

In addition to the adoption, the project is expanding its operation. Last week the project announced that they were expanding in Dubai with offices that needed to be opened before the end of the year.

XRP / USD price table, Tuesday 6 November:

Ripple XRP Price Chart, 6 November

Following this recent wave, Ripple returned in the wake of Ethereum. Ripple has previously dethroned Ethereum from the prestigious second position in the standings and if the positive push continues, it could do it again. This is mainly due to the fact that Ethereum, even if it is in the green zone, is only increasing by 1.55%. Ripple has a market capitalization of $ 21,759,802,087 and Ethereum is $ 21,833,090,752.

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The bulls seem unstoppable and in the next hours will continue to push prices higher. They will do it to ensure that when there is a price correction, there is always, prices will still be high. The maximum of three months of the currency is currently equal to $ 0.59, and the bulls have their eyes on this. A new test of this position is crucial and a break in position would send prices to the sky.

In a recent report by Weiss Ratings, the rating company evaluated Ripple as a B- which is equivalent to a "Buy". Ripple was one of only four coins on 3000 coins with a B- score and higher. The others were Cardano ADA, Stellar XLM and EOS. According to the rating company, these are the only four coins that you should buy at the moment.

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