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Ripple's XRP reverses after meeting the key's resistance

The overwhelming majority of cryptocurrencies now report losses while Bitcoin returns below $ 4000. The last days of price actions have seen unexpected movements, but Ripple's XRP began to fall yesterday while most cryptocurrencies were still in increase.

The XRP met resistance at $ 0.4 during the bullish peak and has since started to turn down. The decline accelerated with the price movement from opening at around $ 0.38 to an intraday low at $ 0.35. If downward market conditions continue, it is likely that the decline in the XRP will fall to $ 0.3 after it has already reached this level during last week's bearish movements.

For the time being, $ 0.35 is likely to provide some support and was done during previous trading activities. The only bullish factor to consider is that today's decline is lower than the previous ones and the price increase that preceded it. This indicates that there may not be much force behind the crisis and that traders could raise the price from here.

Daily XRP chart – Source: Tradingview.com

The hourly chart shows the drop in detail. The price has dropped from $ 0.37 to $ 0.35 in the span of a few hours with most of the move taking place in an hour. The price quickly began to experience support as it reached $$ 0.35 and started trading around $ 0.355.

XRP time chart – Source: Tradingview.com

Key Takeaways:

  • The XRP recorded a loss yesterday despite the majority of cryptocurrencies rising in price.
  • The XRP met strong resistance at $ 0.4 during its price increase.
  • The price met support at $ 0.35 during today's decline, but a continuation in these market conditions could drive prices down further to $ 0.3.
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