Ripple's XRP returns after a 22% peak


Ripple's XRP began a 'surge in prices on Sunday, which saw a digital currency peak of more than 15% in three days. Since then, the price has started to come back, but it is still in a much more bullish position than last week.

Last week, the price of XRP was traded in a low volume range and had a key resistance above the range of $ 0.49 points of resistance and 200 EMA. The 22% price peak managed to bring XRP above these levels, and these could act as support if the retracement continues. The retracement is low volume up to now, which shows that there may be little force behind it. Also many other cryptocurrencies are doing well, giving a generally positive sentiment on the market.
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The price action yesterday for XRP formed a bearish divergence on an hourly basis. The price was reaching a higher maximum, while the RSI marked a lower rise, showing a rise in prices despite the decrease in purchasing pressure.

The way in which the model is manifested shows the danger of exchanging this model without risk management procedures or without further information. The price has continued to rise by almost another 7% from the format model. Since then, the price has begun to register and trade around $ 0.53.
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Key Takeaways:

  • The XRP has increased by 22% over three days.
  • A bearish divergence was formed over time, but the price increased by another 7% after the format model.
  • Since then, the price has started to rise from the highs, but currently there is a generally bullish sentiment in the market.
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