Ripple's XRP price rises by almost 17% after Coinbase's announcement that it is adding more coins


Ripple's XRP turned green in the midst of a sea of ​​bloody cryptos exchanging red. In addition to the various successes that the company has managed to show off lately, Coinbase's latest announcement that the exchange is about to add new encrypted has triggered the price hike.

The US encryption exchange found that it will soon begin to add more coins to its platform and, to address regulatory concerns in some countries, Coinbase says it plans to limit the trade of some scrambled in various locations.

"Today we are announcing a new process that will allow us to quickly list most of the digital resources that comply with local law," announces Coinbase.

Ripple fans anticipated the addition of XRP on Coinbase

XRP fans have been waiting and anticipating the addition of their favorite resource on Coinbase for a long time now.

They celebrated when Coinbase included XRP in the list of potential additions to Coinbase Custody, and now the hype is present from the beginning.

The proof is that after Coinbase released its huge news, XRP rose by almost 17% on CoinMarketCap.

Coinbase Vice President replies to the news

Dan Romero, the vice president of Coinbase, addressed this huge announcement to the CNBC.

"When we talk to customers, their number one request is to add more resources to the platform, and if you look at where we are today, we have five assets on the platform and there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that we do not support," said Romero.

He continued and explained that "So what we are launching today, and I am really pleased to talk about it, is, and the new process in which we will allow Coinbase to list all assets that comply with local law."

Coinbase also said that it would introduce a registration fee and charge the encryption projects to list the coins on the platform in order to balance the legal and operational costs that are involved in adding more resources to the platform.

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