Ripple's XRP price has risen by almost 45% – Are the bulls approaching?


XRP seems to be traveling to the moon these days. Ripple's business has increased by almost 45% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

This means that the currency has managed to extend its recent rally for the second consecutive day to reach 45 cents.

XRP Price Forecast [19659004] The weekly trend line seems to hold up, and the red trend line has been broken.

Now head for the next resistance area at 45-50 cents.

Experts say that there is a slight chance that a bear's flag could be formed, but this is not the case considering the rupture of the channel towards the top.

If the coin gets a solid move and breaks the biggest gold trend line, a $ 1 move will most likely come.

If XRP is able to make a complete move over the next three months, it could even hit $ 3 again

Ripple's results could trigger an increase in prices of XRP [19659004] Ripple has arrived with some rather impressive ads lately that have pushed their heritage to a higher level

Ripple has recently turned his game on Wall Street in Wall Street.

The company has just announced it is collaborating with one of the top ten banks in the world. US, PNC Bank.

Ripple states that this partnership will be focused on commercial customers of PNC Bank.

In addition to this, Ripple continues to struggle to expand the adoption of company products. For example, they recently collaborated with the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia.

This partnership has triggered the opening of an essential payment corridor between the United States and the Gulf countries.

The use of the term "payments in real time" implies that this partnership uses xCurrent, as xRapid "system" in real time. In addition, Ripple's tweet said the bank was using blockchain technology.

As you can see, Ripple continues to announce great results and developments seem to be going better than ever. XRP is currently priced at
$ 0.471582 on CoinMarketCap.

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