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Ripple's XRP Last three months wrapped up – The most promising future competitor against BTC

Being on the front page every day is undeniably a feature that shines for Ripple's XRP. While we are approaching the end of the year, a brief summary of the last two months would be worth reading for any trader or crypto-enthusiast who does not see the start of 2019.

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– A user, who follows the "IzombieXRP" moniker, has asked Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, Binance's fervent CEO, to list XRP as a base pair. In response to the CZ joke, being a good sport and everyone, he replied by writing "[be] attentive to what you want ", concluding his cryptic message with a smiley face, and now, just a few days later, Zhao, revealed that his idea, Binance, will add the above resource as a" quote (base) to short".

– In 2016 – Corda, an open source corporate product, was announced by the software block block software supported R3. Now, he received an additional call application Settler rope which aims to offer and offer most of the services that companies ask to use blockchain technology.

"The deployment of the Settler Cord and its XRP support as the first settlement mechanism is an important step to show how the powerful ecosystems cultivated by two of the world's most influential crypto and blockchain communities can work together." – Gendal Brown – CTO

With the goal of reaching the use of apps on a global scale, the company behind the settlement product is already in partnership with over 200 companies in various industries.

– Ripple's CEO objective: Brad Garlinghouse has clearly emphasized the company's goal to provide rapid solutions that reduce the friction inherent in completing cross-border transactions with banks and financial entities through block technology, replacing SWIFT.

"The technologies that banks use today that Swift has developed decades ago have not evolved or kept pace with the market … Swift said that not so long ago they did not see blockchain as a solution for the corresponding banking system. 100 of their customers claiming that they are not in agreement. "

– In an official press release issued by the MUFG on November 9, 2018, the financial giant announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to develop a new cross-border payment service as part of a joint effort between MUFG and Bradesco.

According to MUFG, both sides believe that Ripple Inc, the creator of XRP, is the best option to bring the project to life:

"Through this MOU, MUFG Bank has decided to initiate collaborative development for cross-border payments between Japan and Brazil, using Ripple's cutting-edge technology.The new payment system – developed by Ripple, a software vendor based in San Francisco – will help banks work to market a high-speed, transparent and traceable cross-border payment solution between Japan and Brazil. "

– In the third quarter of 2018, the "XRP Markets Report" shows that Ripple managed to sell $ 163 million in XRP, despite the volatility and negative behavior of the market as a whole. According to the report, $ 65.27 million was sold by the company while the remainder was sold by a subsidiary registered as Money Service Business (XRP II, LLC).

– CoinField has also announced that an exchange system with XRP as a base currency will be available to its customers in 61 countries worldwide. Users in these countries will only have to complete a simple KYC (Know Your Customer) process during registration.

– In mid-November: following many disputes of position presented by XRP to the second place of Ethereum by market capitalization, he was able to overcome and stay behind only for Bitcoin.

Because of its highly regarded characteristics when it comes to speed, low-cost cross-border transactions and its existing payment system that can challenge SWIFT in any day – many crypto-verse analysts say that if and when the crypto revolution will come in the technology sector and financial industry, Ripple's XRP will be in first place to drive change for the better.

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