Ripple's XRP is the least losing in the last 7 days and in everyday uses


The Crypto-startup ripple based in San Francisco, from its debut, is closely connected with the deviation of the traditional cryptocurrency philosophy. The provision of traditional banking infrastructure solutions for efficiency, the centralized nature of XRP and the team's comments in favor of the fiat standard have made the community engaged a feeling of hatred of money.


As Arrington CEO XRP Capital – Michael Arrington commented, saying that the only thing in common and that everyone agrees in cryptoverse is that everyone hates the token.

But this has no impact on the company to capture success as they also offer financial solutions to traditional banking systems and ordinary users.

After working with Wirex, the company was able to add XRP token support to its Visa card. Subsequently, the number of registrations and transactions on the platform had a significant boost.

Another user mentioned that XRP is an excellent rollover option. This case of microtransactions is essential because many cryptos have been attacked because of the high costs of loading a transaction on the blockchain. The use of XRP enables fast and cost-free transactions, offering an excellent adoption opportunity in real-life scenarios.

The Crypto-Market

The last week was a constant and violent sell-off for digital cryptography -Although the major currencies for market capitalization are also over 20% in red. The only one-digit loss is the famous Ripple XRP against the US dollar, as it was able to withstand half of the two major brands $ 0.40 and $ 0.50 [per time of writing $0.4400]. Other leading currencies such as BTC or ETH sail dangerously just above the significant holding levels of $ 7.010 and $ 406.50.

 XRP Trading and Altcoin

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