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Ripple's XRP is a base pair on Binance and this will increase the volume of XRP exchanges and more

Ripple and its XRP crypt have been two controversial entities for some time and, regardless of the opinions of the haters, they managed to resist until 2018. The XRP was even able to eclipse other coins on the market.

Already in September, while most of the scramblers were dealing with lower volumes and falling prices, the Ripple community increased the XRP by more than 200%.

This helped the token to get prices he had never seen since April.

This massive bullfight also led to the fact that XRP was able to overcome ETH as a crypto number 2 by market capitalization.

The great performance of Ripple's XRP has led to a growing popularity for the company and its currency in the encrypted space.

Probably this was one of the main reasons why Binance's Changpeng Zhao eventually decided to add XRP as a base pair on the crypto exchange.

"Binance will add TRX / XRP and XZC / XRP trading pairs with XRP as a quote on the new combined ALTS trading market (ALTS) until 2018/12/24 11:00 (UTC)."

Ripple has reached an important milestone with this result

This was certainly an important milestone reached by Ripple and the efforts of the whole community to make this happen have been repaid.

The addition of XRP as a base pair changes the way traders see altcoin markets.

For a long time, ETH was the single base pair for most cryptos, which is why the altcoin market was defined in the ETH price.

Now, after XRP has also become a base pair, the altcoin market will become increasingly diverse and this will surely be a progression to cryptographic space.

A boost in the volume of XRP exchanges

The addition of XRP as a base pair should also trigger an increase in trading volume.

There should be more buyers and sellers of XRP in the future, and we will do it; see how this will impact the price of XRP.

XRP continues to show that it is a precious currency among cryptographic supporters.

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