Ripple (XRP) with the goal of becoming global while the Bill Clinton "Swell Conference" approach is approaching

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<p>  Ripple Incorporation has made significant progress in attacking international markets despite its native token not reflecting the fundamental value. The team is optimistic about the his next Swell Conference where the former US president, Bill Clinton, will be a keynote speaker. </p>
<p>  This conference is scheduled for early October and will be moderated by the director of the National Economic Council, Gene Sperling. leaders will exchange ideas in the macro and Fin-tech arena where the world embraces new technologies daily, so it will be an important event for cryptographic coins like XRP whose technology is embraced at an apparently high rate. </p>
<p>  Agendas to discuss in the Swell of 2018 range from blockchain technology in the financial services industry to the regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world. Emerging from the growing money supply in remittances and ec e-commerce will be evaluated during the event in San Francisco, California. </p>
<h2>  Ripple in Mumbai </h2>
<p>  Mumbai is one of the cities where Ripple managed to establish recognition in the East. The company has solicited the attention of various financial institutions in India in addition to legal limits. One of the potential customers identified for Ripple is the commercial bank of India, which in the recent past has appreciated the features of Ripple. Financial service providers are looking forward to smoothing out global payments and B2B transfers, hence the special interest in Ripple. </p>
<p>  Recent statistics indicate that banks in India find RippleNet, xCurrent and xRapid as real solutions to international payments. As a result, a couple of banks have shown interest in integrating XRP technology. This is one of the ways in which banks considered it appropriate to reduce transaction costs and achieve efficiency in tps compared to traditional banks. The financial institutions of India continued to embrace Ripple technology regardless of the price action signals sent by the XRP token as well traded in the crypto markets. </p>
<h2>  Kotak Mahindra Ripple Partnership </h2>
<p>  This first-rate private bank in India has joined the RippleNet bandwagon. Kotak Mahindra enjoys a second position among private banks in India with its downsizing of operations in over 1300 branches in the highly populated country. The prospects of RippleNet after the partnership with Kotak Mahindra have increased significantly, the cryptographic currency has gone on to open physical offices in Mumbai. </p>
<p>  At the moment, Ripple has over 100 financial service providers working with the encrypted company. India's strategy is to capture the growing remittance arena as most of the money from Indians abroad is somehow sent back to the bank. Ripple will also benefit from the status of Mumbai as a financial hub of India and therefore more market demand from the peers of Kotak Mahindra. </p>
<p>  In addition, Ripple is expected to announce more working relationships in India as we approach the fourth quarter of 2018. Kotak Mahindra who announced the partnership A month ago reported that Ripple is really a crypt for HODL and a key solution in the world of payments . At present, the Indian bank uses both xCurrent and RippleNet technologies for international remittances! </p>
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