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The market has begun its second stable week, with bitcoin rising sharply over $ 6400. Even the majority of cryptos gain slightly, with XRP (XRP) rising by around 1%. This increase in the positive sentiment in the market is great news for Ripple because it could be the boost needed to make significant gains with the approach of SWELL 2018 in just over a week.

SWELL 2O18 is the most anticipated event by Ripple XRP community, due to the strategic nature of all participants, and at current market conditions, it could be the pump that XRP needs when it starts working. last quarter of 2018. Part of the reason why SWELL is highly anticipated is because ripple could use the event to announce some of the banks that are going live with XRapid. So far, XRapid beta testing has been quite successful.

The financial institutions that are testing it as Mercuryfx and SBI have confirmed that they will leave, for efficiency and cost savings. In this way, if Ripple announces some banks that come into direct contact with XRapid, it would be a big boost to XRP's short and long term value. The good thing with banks is that they tend to follow each other to maintain their competitive advantage. This can be seen with the adoption of ATM and Internet banking in the last decades. As a result, when some big banks announce that they are going live with XRapid, it is expected that others will follow, in order to maintain their advantage in the market.

SWELL 2O18 is also highly anticipated because it could give a clear policy on how different countries intend to deal with XRapid, an emerging technology that is about to take over the banking sector. For example, the speech by Mohsen Alzahrani, head of the innovation of the Monetary Authority of Saudi Arabia, will provide a suggestion on how the ripple will reshape banking activities in the Arab world, where the ripple has serious traffic accidents in the recent past. Likewise, Marcello Yared's speech will be closely followed because he will offer suggestions on how Latin American central banks will respond while the ripple slowly reshapes the way banks are made not only in South America, but in the world in general.

SWELL 2018 has a greater weight than SWELL 2017, not only in terms of short-term price movements, but also in the future of XRP in the banking sector. In essence, XRP offers a low-risk encrypted investment, not only for the next 2 weeks, but also for the next few years. If big strategic announcements are made during this event and the market is not free between today and D-Day, then XRP is likely to exceed $ 0.50 shortly thereafter. All indicators at this point show that XRP (XRP) and the market in general have hit bottom. The XRP remained consistently above $ 0.26 for some time, and is supported by the bitcoin price (BTC) which seems to have hit the low of $ 6000 – $ 6200, thus mitigating the pressure on the rest of the market.

One thing is certain at this point. If the banking sector fully embraces XRapid, XRP (XRP) could easily break away from the rest of the market. This is because banks would be practically the largest participants in its trading volumes. The huge volumes that they will see would see XRP (XRP) rise above the pump and discharge cycles that are characteristic of the today's encrypted market. It is an interesting future for crypt 3 rd largest by market capitalization. Just as it did a surprise increase in the fourth quarter of 2017, the fourth quarter of 2018 could also bring a surprise price increase for Ripple XRP.

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