Ripple (XRP) still shows promising signs to end the year with a high note

Ripple XRP still shows promising signs to end the year on a high note

Ripple XRP still records price gains in a day that has seen most coins register declines and only a few marginal gains. Ethereum, for example, is down 2%. If this trend continues, with the gain of XRP and the decline of Ethereum, we could see XRP become the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. Previously, even though XRP exceeded Ethereum as the largest altcoin, the move was temporary and Ethereum withdrew the title within hours.

At the time of printing, Ethereum has a market capitalization of $ 21,446,856,218, XRP is just behind Ethereum with a market capitalization of $ 20,918,502,107. In terms of prices, XRP is trading at $ 0.520289 while Ethereum is trading at $ 207. During the day, the price movement saw XRP reach $ 21 billion market capitalization while Ethereum was just at $ 21.5 billion .

The same day, Brad Garlinghouse spoke on the success of Ripple. Speaking with Bloomberg, the company's CEO noted that XRP is 1,000 times faster and cheaper than bitcoin. Although in his statement the CEO denied the bitcoin, he stressed the strength of XRP.

Garlinghouse also talked about how Ripple is ready to take over as the default international payment processor, eliminating most of the banks and one of its biggest competitors, SWIFT.

However, Ripple is not free of impending faults and concerns. Currently, the company is fighting a lawsuit that could see XRP classified as a security. If the court were to decide that XRP was a security, this could mean ruin because the coin would fall under the control of the SEC.

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In the last two days, there was a late twist to the case. There have been court documents confirming that Ripple has applied for a federal state case transfer. According to reports, this is a tactical move that will allow the company to prove that XRP is a token and not a token.

Many experts and Ripple are confident that the cause will be eliminated and the XRP will remain the token it is.

We expect to see the bulls keep pushing prices with more pressure as XRP approaches Ethereum. A repetition of what has happened twice this year is at the horizon and perhaps the third time may be the last. This time, XRP could only cement its place in the market.

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