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Ripple (XRP) remains above 5 weeks EMA, most likely upside down

Ripple (XRP) was more focused on repeating its story than following the rest of the market. This is why we have seen the trading price alone, for the most part, while the rest of the market has taken a downside with Bitcoin (BTC). The weekly XRP / BTC chart shows that the first cycle took 280 days to complete. The next cycle required another 280 days. Now, Ripple (XRP) has started another cycle which, if it follows the footsteps of the previous cycle, should end in mid-2019. During this period, we expect Ripple (XRP) to complete the cycle against Bitcoin (BTC) ) that has already begun.

It is pertinent to note that the price may not necessarily reach a new historical maximum by then, but completing a cycle against Bitcoin (BTC) means that it is likely to reach almost its previous historical high. The MACD for the chart above shows that there is plenty of room for further growth, but the RSI is approaching the levels of overbought. That said, Ripple (XRP) could take its time, but it is expected to complete its cycle against Bitcoin (BTC) next year, like the rest of the market. Recent developments have convinced more in the cryptocurrency space that there is a strong interest in Ripple (XRP) that is unlikely to fade soon. This means that strong hands will continue to accumulate Ripple (XRP) at this point and try to keep the demand on the rise in the months leading up to the last FOMO.

Chart for XRP / USD (1W)

Critics of Ripple (XRP) call it "centralized currency" or "bank money". Criticize Ripple (XRP) to help banks and brokers while coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins should help users directly. Honestly, this argument no longer holds up considering what we have seen in the market. The last few months have exposed the cracks in the foundations of even the most prestigious blockchain projects. He showed us how greed and the quest for power and control have broken the foundations of most projects. Few projects on the market are currently faithful to their vision and have not made any compromises. The rest of them have been used and abused by a small but powerful minority to satisfy their greed.

Ripple (XRP) had no decentralization in his mission, but remained faithful to whatever was in his vision. He delivered a working product and is helping to push for the adoption of XRP through its xRapid service. As we have seen in recent months, many major financial institutions are ready to start using XRP. When the dust settles, we will see increasing the adoption of Ripple (XRP), not only because it was one of the best cryptocurrencies on which to invest, but also because it is one of the few projects on the market that is actually using blockchain technology to solve a problem in the real world.

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