Ripple (XRP) Obtained consulting advice from Current Mastercard Executive VP in 2011

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<h2>  MasterCard Mentor Ripple in 2011? </h2>
<p style= Ripple is a of the most important companies in the world of cryptocurrencies: one of Ripple's distinguishing features is that it relates to the financial world in various ways: in fact, the company was able to create one of the most extensive payment solutions for cross-border transactions in world.

However, it is not so simple to start growing and creating such an important business.What has Ripple attracted the financial sector's attention in a transparent manner? Apparently, Ripple has been connected to MasterCard when the company He began working with his products.

These voices were supported by the current Executive Vice President at MasterCard Colleen Taylor .An an interview, he said that MasterCard was essential to support Ripple when they were discov

A part of the conversation was released by Steven Diep September 11

In this interview, Mrs Taylor explains that Ripple needed help to get the skills on how to expand into such a competitive sector. This happened between 2011/2012 when Ripple came to have a strategic advice to downsize their products.

Taylor said that in the past, companies like MasterCard were afraid of smaller startups because they could be a threat to their business in the future. However, MasterCard did not think about it and decided to help Ripple and give them a chance.

He then commented that he spent a few days with them developing strategic plans for their products. Ripple had "agility" and MasterCard "scale", so both companies matched perfectly.

In addition, Taylor explained that companies need a program that goes beyond incubation. This is something that would allow these new companies to get in touch with potential customers, banks and financial institutions. In this way, I am able to climb.

At the time of writing this article, XRP is trading around $ 0.271 and has increased 5.39% in the last 24 hours.

Ripple is changing several aspects of how companies process cross-border payments. Their network has more than 100 different financial entities and in the future this number will continue to grow with new partnerships. At the same time, Ripple is constantly expanding and will reach new markets in the near future.

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