Ripple (XRP) News – Ripple (XRP) retains its earnings; trading at $ 0.51 – Ripple (XRP) technical analysis of prices September 27, 2018


Ripple (XRP) is currently trading around $ .52. Ripple's market capitalization (XRP) is currently around $ 21 billion. In the last 48 hours, it has risen from $ .43 to $ .51. He kept on those earnings.

Positive developments for Ripple (XRP):

SBI Ripple Asia has also obtained a license from the Japanese regulator to use the cryptocurrency platform. Ripple will play a central role in the management of electronic payments on this cryptocurrency-based platform. This is why this is a fundamental development in favor of Ripple (XRP). Moreover, thanks to this license, Ripple (XRP) will now be able to launch its MoneyTap application which will be based on the Drupal blockchain.

Where is the ripple (XRP) directed from here on?

Now that Ripple (XRP) is trading above $ .50, it is in bullish territory. It can even go up to $ 55. The ripple movements in the last few days have been quite safe. This is why traders expect a quick moment again at $ 55. However, it is necessary that the ripple is actually trading above $ 0.50. As long as it is able to operate above $ 0.50, it can easily go higher. If it falls below $ 0.50, the $ 0.50 level will begin to act as resistance. In that case, it will become very difficult for the ripple (XRP) to head upward.

When you look at the maximum reached Wednesday that is $ 0.5733, this will now act as a resistance. Only when he is able to overcome it can he move upwards that he has produced in the last days of $ 0.75. That's why, if you're thinking about ripple trading (XRP), it's important to keep all these levels in mind.

Once it breaks $ 0.50 at the bottom, it can be lowered to $ 0.479. That's why it's a good idea to keep a watch at the $ 0.50 level. You can place your stoploss just below that level.

If you're going to trade in ripple (XRP), these are the few factors you should keep in mind. Only when you are able to take these few levels into account will it be much easier for you to successfully trade the ripple.

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