Ripple (XRP) listed on the ATM platform Virtual Crypto Major, Netcoin


Ripple (XRP) was recently announced to be added to an encrypted ATM platform, Netcoin which is currently installed in thousands of stores in Worldwide.

The original announcement by Netcoins was made yesterday, August 13, on the official Twitter page of the company that declared: "It's an exciting Monday! We've listed Ripple, available for the 39. Immediate purchase through our OTC private brokerage business and our over 21,000 business locations in Australia, Europe and Canada! Find out more about our newsblog.

Netcoins is a leading software developer based in Vancouver According to the company, their software is supported on computers, iPads, smartphones and other devices.The main objective of the company is to allow retailers to become scrambled resellers.Thanks to its technology, Netcoins transforms the Wi-Fi enabled devices in cryptographic virtual ATMs instead of installing cumbersome ATM hardware.

The platform allows you to sell cryptocurrencies in amounts of $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100. To enter the system, customers are asked to provide personal details, including full name and driver's license. "Sellers earn a commission for each transaction and can use the service to attract traditional customers who are trying to buy encryption, but are not interested in taking the time to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Checkouts that purchase Crypto will receive an email with a description of the transaction along with a wallet that contains the specified amount of encryption required.It allows buyers to acquire crypt as easily as they get "cash back" at the supermarket " , affirms the company's information by stating that the in-store process is seamless.

Netcoins CEO, Mark Binns, commented on the recent addition stating: "By adding more coins, we give our customers more options to buy and our retailers more ways to earn commissions." Ripple completes the first 3 criptos in our portfolio and makes our platform more attractive, once again, for other paid altcoins.Our team of engineers is performing perfectly, adding Ripple one business day after Litecoin, giving our sales team even more ammo to bring home the offers of coin listings with recurring revenue from LaaS.

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