Ripple (XRP) is about to disappear, it could touch $ 5 by 2019


On a six-month chart of Ripple (XRP), the currency has just surpassed the 50-day moving average.

Which now places it above its inclined channel downwards. If we can maintain this momentum, we could see a potential high July test just above 50 cents.

Of course, it's all a wait and see at this point.

But there is reason to get excited about Ripple that goes on

For one, the team should launch a commercial version of its payment platform, xRapid in the next month or so. Reportedly, the product is a real-time regulation platform designed to accelerate international payments.

Also addresses the problem of "minimizing liquidity costs and speeding up cross-border payment transactions." XRapid claims to significantly reduce capital requirements for liquidity, "as reported by CNBC.

Analysts believe that Ripple could reach $ 5 by 2019

One of the many reasons for this is its speed.

Second Bitcoin Exchange Guide, "Before the system upgrade, Ripple could handle only 1,500 transactions but now it can process up to 50,000 transactions per second, which is more than double the number of Visa that can only be managed with 24,000 This makes Ripple the fastest transaction processing platform in the world. "

Another reason is adoption.

More than 100 financial institutions have adopted Ripple and are benefiting from its blockchain solutions.

According to Smarteum:

"RippleNet reduces transaction costs, accelerates transactions and brings a level of certainty for cross-border payments, while smaller transactions in developing markets such as China, India and Brazil will benefit most from platforms of cross-border settlements that do not cost much or require several days. "

" Cross-border payments will increase by 3.4% or about $ 466 billion this year – according to the World Bank. "Ripple is currently at the the industry leader and has worked with over one hundred payment service providers and banks, Ripple is a company with products such as xCurrent, RippleNet and xRapid, and some of these products work with the XRP led register. of the adoption of these products also increases the adoption of XRP, which could have a significant effect on its value in the near future. "

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