Ripple XRP HODLers will be rewarded for all the courage



Ripple has faced many challenges regarding the security debate or not. However, despite this debate, it is still a solution for banks and other FinTech companies around the world. Each of Ripple XRP HODLer seems to be a brave person, nothing less – the Ripple community has faced all the difficulties with pure heroism. And at present, XRP holders may soon be rewarded for all their difficulties.

Recently, Cory Johnson of Ripple Labs was interviewed at the Milken Institute Asia 2018 Summit. The interview was also flanked by Lara Wozniak, head of growing markets at Accenture's Media Relations Department.

When Cory was asked about the purpose of blockchain technology and the solution it can offer, he said it is primarily for global finance. Cory states,

" I really think that finance is the place where there has been the greatest friction in our global economy, and the solutions presented by blockchain are so obvious that they will really change the way the money and value are moving in our society "

Next, Cory also pointed out that a blockchain technology like Ripple aims to solve the problems of cross-border payments and why these payments take several days before they are actualized.

Regarding the role of regulators on Ripple's goal, Cory did not fail to say a few things. It is important to know that Ripple has worked closely with regulatory companies to resolve the debate "Ripple is a security issue or not". Cory also pointed out that regulators are looking for ways to solve speculations about cryptos and that these regulators are afraid of what the blockchain can become shortly. Cory added,

"When we meet with regulators, I was personally very surprised by how much they know and how much they really want to know. They do not seem to get into this, with some sort of this notion of fear and doubt. , they actually want to hear and learn "

Cory talked about how business owners use the XRP token for their daily activities. He continued to talk about countries that use blockchain technology. He said,

" The world is more global than ever, and entrepreneurs will go and get and leave and go to places where those technologies … and it is not necessary to be in Silicon Valley to develop technology where I still think it's the best place, but now there are more options ".

Undine to start xRapid next month

The most anticipated product of Ripple that will help you make money transfer easier and faster is finally here. CNBC reported yesterday, September 17, that the main version of xRapid will be launched very soon.

The launch of this product was revealed by the head of regulatory relations for the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East in Ripple, Sagar Sarbhai. [19659003] In revealing the importance of xRapid to the world, it was stated that xRapid could also help solve problems of liquidity costs and decrease liquidity capital requirements. Sarbhai commented during his interview on CNBC that

" I am very confident that in the next month or so you will see some good news coming up where we launch the product live in production"

Nonetheless , Ripple 's Exec also said,

" A couple of years ago the narrative was: good blockchain, bad crypt.What we are seeing now is more and more regulators, politicians who take all the space in a conjunction. "

He went on to add further:

" I think the narrative is fortunately changing, because policymakers, regulators are seeing that c & # 39 it is a strong advantage that digital resources, cryptocurrencies will bring "

It is important to know that last month; Ripple has collaborated with three major exchanges: Bittrex, Mexican Bitso and Philippine Coin.Ph, to help promote xRapid solutions – imaginable launch of xRapid.

Brad Garlinghouse also predicted that many Fintech banks and other companies would use xRapid and XRP by the end of this year. Things are certainly starting to improve for Ripple and the Hodler XRPs. Stay tuned.

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