Ripple (XRP) gradually cannibalizes the value of the real world of Bitcoin (BTC)



By now everyone, even if with little knowledge of the cryptocurrency, knows that Bitcoin (BTC) is the supreme leader of virtual currencies in the encrypted market. There is no argument that Bitcoin has a tight grip on the emerging market of virtual currencies, mainly because most cryptographic exchanges around the world use BTC as their preferred base currency.

At present, being quoted as the base currency for these exchanges is the greatest utility value of Bitcoin, thanks to the emergence of Altcoin which have surpassed all other attributes of Bitcoin.

At present, most existing altcoins are more efficient, more usable and cheaper than Bitcoin (BTC) making them preferable for our daily use. Even if the fiat couplings are slowly venturing into the Bitcoin space as a base currency, Ripple (XRP) is working without tires doing the same, but at an exponential rate.

As of now, many of the major exchanges in the market have come out clear on either of their intention to incorporate Ripple (XRP) or are already using it as a base currency. One of these exchanges is one of the significant exchanges in India, Unocoin, which recently announced through its Twitter page that they would incorporate Ripple as a base currency.

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