Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency can be used to pay invoices via in the Philippines

  Cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) can be used to pay invoices via in the Philippines
  live cryptocurrency event allows 5 million users to pay their bills in cryptocurrencies

The South – East Asia began to seize the Western world with encrypted adoption. This narrative continues with new development coming from the Philippines.

Coins. ph is a Philippines-based cryptocurrency payment website that allows Filipinos to pay their home and family bills using cryptocurrencies. Up to now, payments could be made in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, giving 5 million customers access to alternative payment FIAT methods.

Now, with the announcement of an XRP ad, these customers have access to an XRP payment system that will allow domestic and household bills to be paid in the XRP currency, creating a more transparent service and allowing customers with portfolios more versatile to become part of the community.

The company implemented XRP integration with a limited number of randomly selected participants. Some of these trial users have posted screenshots of their XRP portfolios on Twitter. XRP will be one of the portfolios immediately available in the app dashboard and users will be able to scroll freely between the other portfolios, including the PHP portfolio.

The community has a reason to rejoice because this is important news regarding cryptography adoption is worried. Not only because of this, but also because the owners have collectively transferred XRP for millions of dollars and have started spending everyday items after the Wirex Visa card payment has become available.

If people can see there is already a tried and tested way to pay the bills in XRP, or Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency, they are more likely to try it for themselves and thus increase the chances of adoption .

In particular, Ripple desperately needs publicity, given that XRP has attracted a lot of very bad press lately due to its falling prices and looming lawsuits.

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