Ripple (XRP) bracconi technology leader of Google messaging


Ripple (XRP), a fintech startup that is building a global block payment network for financial institutions has reportedly been paused Amir Sarhangi, which previously led Google (GOOGL) new wireless messaging system, to become the vice president of the product company.

According to a recent relationship from Reuters, Sarhangi will join Ripple to lead the development of RippleNet, a blockchain payment network of over 100 banks and payment providers worldwide.

Before Google, he founded Sarhangi Jibe Mobile, a startup that has developed the technology for wireless carriers to adopt RCS. Jibe Mobile was finally acquired by Google in 2015, where Sarhangi took over as head of RCS, or a rich communication service.

This news comes like the company has recently reported Third quarter sales of XRPs exceeded twice the previous quarter, indicating growing interest among institutions seeking to exploit digital currency for transactions.

The XRP is currently trading for $ 0.4403, giving the altcoin a market capitalization of $ 17.7 billion and making it the third largest currency in the world AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a reference index for cryptocurrencies and large tokens.

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