Ripple (XRP) added to the most popular Philippines exchange platform

[ad_2][ad_1], who is a popular swinger in the Philippines, recently announced that Ripple (XRP) has been added to its platform. As confirmed by the company XRP is now available for use as a payment method for utilities.

The platform currently has a measurable number of over 5 million users, who from now on will have the opportunity to use XRP to make payments. to use traditional legal currencies.

Earlier, head of Cryptocurrencies at, Colin Goltra spoke of the upcoming addition of Ripple confirming that cryptocurrency may only be available on the app for Android, adding that their team is still working on the "data collection and deciding our level of support for XRP". is a popular platform in the country that allows peer-to-peer portfolio transfers, payment services, mobile top-ups, Internet purchases and remittance services. The platform runs on blockchain technology and digital currencies are used as payment methods that allow users to take advantage of low-cost transactions. This allows users of distant locations in the Philippines to prefer this method from traditional banking, while the company increases the reach of its services to even more customers in the country. also reports that by 2020 the company aims to have a customer base of over 20 million from across the country, while having the opportunity to use XRP as the main influencing factor on how to achieve this goal.

Initially used Bitcoin (BTC) as the only cryptocurrency on the platform, but soon the management began to engage and adopt other cryptos on the market.

Ripple announced some important similar media recently including previous reports with Wirex and TransferGo. These developments promise the availability of XRP also for the broad customer ranges of the new partner companies.

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