Ripple XPRING: the hope of this XRP after the 91% drop in 2018?

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<p>  The cryptocurrency market is currently facing one of the worst price falls in recent memory, since the historical highs at the end of December and the beginning of this year, most cryptocurrencies have seen their prices drop by over 70% this year One of the brightest stars of 2017, Ripple (XRP), has seen its price fall so far by 91.5% since the digital asset hit the all-time high of $ 4 USD in January This huge drop should be a concern for investors, even if the currency maintains its third position in the Coinmarketcap listings. </p>
<p>  While Ripple Inc. continues to experience an influx of large capital investors in its technologies, XRP is failing and this recent disruption of the level of support should worry investors. The close relationship between Ripple Inc. and XRP seems to be n Equally related to the market's influence as a huge variable of consideration. </p>
<h2><strong>  XPRING PROJECT </strong></h2>
<p>  "Xpring is a new initiative by Ripple that will invest, incubate, acquire and provide subsidies to companies and projects run by successful entrepreneurs, each entrepreneur will use the XRP and XRP Ledger digital assets, the open source decentralized technology behind XRP, to solve the problems of its customers in a transformative way. "</p>
<p>  The year has been a nightmare for XRP owners with a huge price drop. However, all is not lost in hope as the biggest owner is making partnerships with some of the largest financial institutions and companies in the world. Ripple owns just under 60% of the maximum XRP supply in the network and is also the main contributor to the XRP protocol register. </p>
<p>  As a major contributor and factor once XRP has achieved adoption in the global financial sector, Ripple's success is the main turning point to see XRP succeed. The company has already partnered with over 100 banks to provide xCurrent and xRapid capabilities to reduce transaction fees by more than 40-70% by offering instant solutions. </p>
<p>  As a major contributor to the XRP Ledger code base and the great XRP holder, we often hear from entrepreneurs and developers who want support in one form or the other to help them with their XRP projects. As one of the few blockchain companies with traction for a non-speculative use case, we believe we are in a unique position to support entrepreneurs significantly. </p>
<p>  Ripple is working on a project that has skipped the cards of some of its investors, Xpring which focuses on entrepreneurs and startups who want to grow with XRP and Ripple technologies. </p>
<h3><strong>  Key facts under the poor performance of the XRP in 2018 </strong></h3>
<p>  The currency started the year on a strong bullish trend hitting a record high of $ 4.14 USD on some stock exchanges. Since then this has translated into a loss of more than 91% over the course of 2018. Ripple (XRP) is currently trading at its lowest point since December to $ 0.353717 USD, with a total decline of 13.45% in last 24 hours. The Xpring project could become a bright light for the global adoption of the digital resource in the future with the increase of startups </p>
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