Ripple vs. Bitcoin: Brad Garlinghouse claims that XRP is 1,000 times faster and cheaper than BTC


Ripple vs. Bitcoin: Brad Garlinghouse claims that XRP is 1,000 times faster and cheaper than BTC

Ripple, the company behind the XRP digital asset, has had a fantastic time lately.

He has managed the position in recent months as one of the most important companies for the crypto ecosystem.

These last weeks have been massively significant for the evaluation of XRP, which has even been able to overcome Ethereum (ETH), and has become for a while the second most important currency in terms of market capitalization after Bitcoin.

The personalities behind the most famous cryptos simply love to compare the speed of transactions and the prices of the encrypted tokens, and this is exactly what Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has recently done.

XRP vs. BTC: faster, cheaper and more decentralized

During the Ripple Swell 2018 Conference held in San Francisco, Brad Garlinghouse entered the list of people who compared coins with Bitcoin.

Cheddar interviewed him, and he made sure to highlight the settling speed and the low costs of XRP that make money the best option in the whole cryptosphere.

"I do not really think about price performance, I think about technical performance, and I think about the fact that XRP is about 1,000 times faster than a Bitcoin transaction and about 1,000 times cheaper than a Bitcoin transaction. efficient to solve a payment problem, "said Garlinghouse.

The Ripple team also did its best to show that Ripple is not centralized and offered various reasons why Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin.

Ripple announced the availability of xRapid

This is one of the flagship products of the company for commercial use and some banks have already implemented it.

For many people, XRP bridges the gap between traditional and disruptive technologies.

Ripple has made sure that it does not try to replace the banks, but to do better transactions in terms of speed and price.

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