Ripple Price Analysis: XRP / USD in a bearish zone, 11 sets.

  • The price of Ethereum is gradually recovering and is likely to model support near $ 185 against the US dollar.
  • Yesterday's key bearish trend line was broken with resistance to $ 193 on the ETH / USD time chart (information feed by Kraken).
  • The pair will likely move gradually towards the short-term resistance levels of $ 208 and $ 210.

The price of Ethereum is exchanging with moves against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH / USD could test the resistance zone $ 210-215 where distributors will probably develop.

Support for the price of Ethereum

Recently, there was a small upward move from the low of $ 185 in ETH Price against the US dollar. The pair ETH / USD traded above the $ 195 and $ 200 resistance levels to enter a trade union phase. The price also calculated how to overcome the Lie Lie retracement level of the last decay from $ 219 upwards to $ 185 below. However, the upward move was completed by the $ 06-207 zone.

In addition, it appears that the price of Ethereum has neglected to gather energy above the technical level of $ 206.71. Talk with the Lie retracement level of 61.8% of the last decay from the minimum of $ 219 to the minimum of $ 185. There was a clear downtrend response and the ETH price retested the $ 185 support zone. Buyers showed up, secured more misfortunes, finally pushed the price of Ethereum higher than $ 190. The more essentially the bearish trend line yesterday's key was shattered with resistance to $ 193 on the hourly structure of ETH / USD. Next, it appears that The price of Ethereum could continue to rise towards the resistance levels of $ 208 and $ 210 in the short term.

  ETHUSD Price Chart September 11

ETHUSD Price Chart September 11

Giving a look at the chart, the ETH price is down $ 185 and could be changed more up. That said, buyers should be exceptionally cautious because any significant upside is impossible over $ 210 and $ 215.

MACD Schedule – The MACD is somehow placed in the bullish zone.

RSI Schedule – The RSI has moved beyond the 50 level, however it provided a couple of downward hints

Real Support Level – $ 185 [19659007] Real Resistance Level – $ 210

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