Ripple plans to sell millions of XRPs to institutional players while $ 71 million in ETH are transferred

Ripple is a member of Blockchain Capital VC Fund with an XRP investment of $ 25 million
According to recent information from whale watchers in cryptocurrency, Ripple, the parent company of XRP, is planning to sell millions of XRPs to institutional investors. At the same time, $ 71 million in ETH were captured by crypt-whale watchers. This transfer took place on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. According to whale watchers, ETH has been moved to five different transactions. The first was 75.426 ETH, equivalent to $ 11.48 million. The second transaction was 88,657 ETH, equivalent to $ 13.49 million. The third was 88,877 ETH, equivalent to $ 13.52 million. The fourth was 124.388 ETH, equivalent to $ 18.92 million and the fifth was 92.652 ETH, equivalent to $ 14.08 million.

Ripple sells XRP to institutional investors

In another note, Ripple recently moved XRP worth $ 755 million. A large part of this sum was sent as collateral while the rest was sent to the company's OTC business portfolios. This is not surprising since Ripple owns 60 percent of all XRPs in circulation and sells them from time to time to institutional investors.

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

Over the past two days, Ripple has transferred millions to its OTC portfolios. It is from these portfolios that it will sell to institutional investors. So far, the amount is $ 23.5 million in XRP. Whale Alert, the official handle for whale watchers collected these large transactions and reported it. On the handle of Twitter, they have published:
"16.511.121 #XRP (6.163.817 USD) was transferred from an unknown portfolio to the Ripple OTC Distribution portfolio"
Shortly thereafter, the same published handle:

"18.695.552 #XRP (6,998,621 USD) was transferred from Ripple's OTC distribution portfolio to an unknown portfolio"
The next warning was for 8.917.085 #XRP which is equivalent to 3.338.083 USD sent to an unknown portfolio from the OTC Distribution portfolio of Ripple while the last one was 20.000.000 #XRP, equivalent to 7.241.589 USD sent to the OTC Distribution portfolio of Ripple from an unknown portfolio.

A few months ago, Ripple published its Q4 report for 2018, which stated that sales of XRPs had doubled thanks to the increase in institutional buyers. After selling $ 73.53 million in the third quarter, they were able to sell $ 163.33 million in the fourth quarter successfully.

Price analysis of Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH)

At the moment, XRP is trading at $ 0.357311. This shows that it is down 1.75% from the US dollar and down 2.09% compared to Bitcoin. The trading volume over a 24-hour period is $ 463,677,763 and the market capitalization is $ 14,576,192,965.
Price Ethereum (ETH) today – BTC / USD

Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $ 157.65. This shows that it is up 1.10% from the US dollar and up 0.75% from BTC. The trading volume over a 24-hour period is $ 3,419,495.926 and the market capitalization is $ 16,427,181,903. The next trading days will determine if the price action will change or not.

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