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The speed with which Ripple is changing the sector of digital remittances today is quite evident. The ripple community continues to invent new ways to revolutionize the cryptography industry. And they are slowly climbing the ladder.

Ripple and Real Estate

Blockchain technology has greatly revolutionized the real estate sector. One of the main solutions offered by the blockchain is represented by frictionless transactions. The very complex and long procedures of real estate contracts are the main point of friction.

Six months ago, Ripple entered the real estate world through the partnership with Propy.Inc. Propy is a global blockchain-based platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade properties around the world. Ripple's ecosystem continues to grow ever since, with exciting news almost every week as more and more companies join Ripple use his blockchain for payment purposes.

The blockchain start SMARTRealty has provided customizable and automated smart contracts for the real estate sector. The platform allows buyers and sellers to access pre-defined and legally valid real estate contracts. Blockchain systems are able to manage all the dimensions of real estate sales. This starts from listings and auctions until settlement and transfer.

Collaboration of Ripples with Propy, has ensured the cross-border and non-frictional facilitation of global real estate sales. This is in the sense that the partnership between Ripple and Propy made it easy to buy real estate all over the world using blockchain technology.

Ripple and CIMB Group

Other payment platforms in the ASEAN region, such as CIMB, are also taking advantage of the Ripples blockchain. Their main objective is to use this blockchain technology to not only overcome the competition in the industry, but also to give real value to its customers in the region.

We have seen recently The innovative fusion of CIMB with Ripple. The strategic partnership between the two companies will significantly address the need for fast and cost-effective cross-border transactions. As part of the partnership, CIMB is also planning to extend the Ripple solution to other uses throughout Asia.

Money 20/20 China

20/20 money is currently underway China. Money 20/20 is a program that highlights innovations in payments and financial services. The program, launched in 2011, is cycling in various countries. This year, the biggest launch of the world is happening in China.

Money 20/20 offers investors the opportunity to join global leaders, show off their new ideas, create new partnerships and even create brand awareness. It creates a space where the most intelligent visionaries and innovators in the industry come together to create the future of money.

It is the only event in China where the global financial industry meets to present new ideas for the future of money.

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