Ripple Labs announces Lib v 1.0.0 which acts as an interface to the Led XRP register

  Ripple Labs Announces Lib v 1.0.0 Functioning Interface for Ledger XRP

Ripple Labs announced the release of Ripple's Lib v 1.0.0 on September 10 . Reginelli Rome, Ripple Labs Documentation Engineer was responsible for the announcement via the official developer blog page. The library was written in JavaScript and will work as an interface for XRP ledger.

The new version offers several features that are explained in the official document.This update, the library will be more flexible and will have better performance. This library contains new methods that provide access to the rippled API. In or to enable online functionality, the blog recommends using ripple v 1.0.1.

The latest version includes new methods such as the following:

  • Three new methods have been added [request(), hasNextPage(), requestNextPage()].
  • A prepareTransacion (The method to prepare an unprocessed txJSON element has also been added.
  • The version will allow you to specify XRP amounts in drops There are two methods of converting xrpToDrops () and dropsToXRP ().
  • A new getTransaction () method has been added that includes a property named channelChanges that will provide details of a particular payment channel.

In addition, the document informs data validations and error corrections on which the team has worked. In addition, the team has also imposed a maximum commission limit which, if passed, will cause the library to issue a validation error.

The document explains that the Ripple Lab team has worked on several errors, allowing added additional data validation functionality in the library One of the main problems faced by the team was related to the getPaths property, however, it has now been corrected.

Those who want to know more can check the ripple-lib documentation available on the XRP Ledger Dev portal.

Nick Bougalis, head of the Ripple C ++ development team, was able to answer some questions about the latest developments. When asked about the rate limit and the possible rollback of the transaction, he said that the library has a configurable "maximum spending limit". This can prevent programmers from specifying a very high commission. At the moment, the commission is set at 2 XRP. However, this is several times higher than the rate required to send a transaction.

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