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In this bear market we are facing, blockchain focus on development and partnerships as a sign of growth instead of seen market prices. One of the largest companies in the blockchain space, Ripple Inc., has been at the forefront of integrating its blockchain technology with financial institutions and working with these companies to conquer the global transaction market. With the company valued at $ 17 billion with the current price of XRP at $ 0.29054 USD. However, it is the great partnerships that the company has established that has made Ripple and XRP valuable in the last few months.

However, the issue of decentralized governance has grown to become the biggest downfall of Ripple Inc. as the company's huge stake in XRP gives control of the company. The growing influence of Ripple as a blockchain solutions provider worries some neighborhoods within the community. Is Ripple Inc. the biggest and most influential blockchain corporation today?

The American prodigy Ripple Inc. continues to thrive as banks and companies around the world continue to adopt Ripple Labs technologies. Navin Gupta, who holds the roles of chief executive officer in Southeast Asia and MENA in Ripple Inc., sent an enthusiastic tweet that left most project followers with a long-term conviction.

"Now we are not approaching the banks … we are approaching". The tweet of the Twitter handle of Navin Gupta reads.

These latest statements should confirm how xCurrent and xRapid technologies are integrated into over 100 banks worldwide with large companies like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, American Express and Santander Bank are already partners. What does this mean for the biggest owner of XRP and the digital asset? Does the impact of partnerships reflect on the overall price of XRP? This is the long-term plan of Ripple Inc., which will see institutional investors adopt the most efficient systems in global transaction agreements and further promote XRP.

The news about Bill Clinton participating in the Ripple Swell Conference during the year more credibility to the state of Ripple. The former US president was in charge during the Internet era in the 1990s which was well compared to this era blockchain. The experience in understanding the legal and political framework of the system increases the Ripple network in the corridors of power. The actions taken against Ripple since the beginning of the year have been reduced in number, giving the team ample space and time to concentrate on making the already rapid system of global settlement better.

XRP in numbers

Being the biggest holder of XRP, conversations around Ripple Labs will fall towards the volatility of XRP prices. The currency is currently in a slight upward momentum, registering a price of $ 0.290540 USD, a higher percentage in the last 24 hours. A total daily volume of $ 273 million was traded between the stock exchanges during this period. The currency remains third on the Coinmarketcap register with a total market capitalization of $ 11,439,269.165 USD.

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