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Ripple is taking control of SWIFT

  • Ripple CEO Garlinghouse says there have been opportunities for the SWIFT partnership, but now it's time to take over.
  • "Some of the largest Swift-enabled banks in the world are using Ripple technology," Brad Garlinghouse.
  • XRP / USD ready for a recovery towards $ 0.55 in the short term.

Ripple (XRP) is redefining its presence on the market, particularly in the remittance sector. This sector has been dominated by traditional systems like SWIFT. However, the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, believes the network is taking control of SWIFT's market share. Also, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, the CEO clarified that the rumors about the integration of Ripple and SWIFT are just that, rumors. He clarified:

"Strangely, there are many voices and I am reluctant to comment on any rumor, because if you comment on the false rumors then you have to comment on the real voices, and so you avoid them all."

Garlinghouse says that at the moment the partnership with SWIFT is rather irrelevant. He believes that the payment and transfer of money that the company has developed is sufficient to oust SWIFT by taking global cross-border remittances. Brad continued:

"I think what we are doing and doing on a daily basis is actually taking control of Swift, and we have now registered over 100 banks – some of the largest Swift-enabled banks in the world are now using Ripple technology.

Beyond that Garlinghouse said:

"We feel like we're here to help the banks, Swift is owned by the banks, there have been opportunities that maybe there are partnership opportunities, we have not been able to get them done, but we will continue to focus on solving the problem. of the customer. "Swift said not long ago that they did not see blockchain as a solution for the correspondent bank.We have over 100 of their clients stating that they are not in agreement."

Technical image of the price of the ripple

After emerging from the triangular triangle show on the hour table, Ripple is poised on the immediate resistance obstacle to $ 0.53. Similarly, the bulls have their eyes glued on $ 0.55 in preparation for further upward movement over $ 0.6. The ripple should range between $ 0.80 and $ 1.00 by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the Ripple value is $ 0.523 at the time of printing. The signals are positive at the moment, where the RSI is pointing north and the MACD is on the same chart above the average line. A look at the chart shows that the crypt is ready for an upward swing in the short term, as buyers take their positions.

Diagram XRP / USD 60 & # 39;

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