Ripple Interledger powered Coil could benefit from the fact that the European Parliament approves the friendly law of content creators



The creators of content in these days have difficulty obtaining a fair ownership or applying rights to their work online. However, in view of this, yesterday, article 13 and 11 was approved by the Parliament of the EU on online content that say:

" A summary of the legislation of the EU explains that the Internet has become the main market for distribution and access to copyrighted content.Unlike traditional business models, however, people who produce and publish content and possess intellectual property rights have difficulty enforcing their rights on the job online.The legislators argue that this "could jeopardize the development of European creativity and the production of creativity and production of creative content", which is why more stringent laws are necessary to protect creators. "

part of the websites related to online content these days are less informative and lacking business plans. Most of them relies on ads or clicks on baits due to the normal phenomenon that views are more important than content quality. So this makes the actual quality of the content not appreciated, therefore, supports views, especially.

However, this normal notion is detrimental to quality and creativity and an administrator of XRP the Real Zerpbox Mr H, tweeted that,

" as creativity for multiple views (news false / clickbait) is more rewarding than the current creative content: put a picture of a hot in a short skirt on the embedding of your YouTube video on how to milk the cows and get x100 views.These videos are not even looked at, they can being scanned through "where is that girl then and why she is in the preview of the picture" but the current content is ignored, but gratifying because the preview has attracted the views. "

Meet Coil – The Technical Startup Company

A technical startup company known as Coil has decided to reward the number of seconds in which the content is actually viewed through Interledger.

Coil is a startup based in San Francisco and powered by the Ripple network . The company aims to create a profitable plan by paying for websites that use web monetization. It is important to know that web monetization is the last way that websites can be paid using Interledger.

Later, in an interactive workshop, Coil took out the time to explain how Web Monetization can be used by websites to be paid automatically when their sites are visited, instead of using advertising and clicking baits or paywall.

Mr. H has also made it known on his Twitter page,

" Coil can reward the number of seconds, the content is actually seen.Read an interesting story you like-actively suggest or" reward "the content creator Now 10,000 actual views can be more rewarding than 1,000,000 clickbaits. "Clicks: Business models will adapt to this and Internet quality can be restored. Less false news and clickbait … The European Parliament wants for Article 13 and 11 is actually similar to the solution that Coil provides. Enable another business income model to reward content creators, reduce the amount of false news and clickbaits "

The Role of Ripple

The Coil initiative is excellent and profitable and there is no better way to do this differently from the use of cryptographic awards, however, Ripple is probably one of the standards for Coil's new business model for content creators.

Coil decided to use the Interleger (ILP) protocol. a recent statement, Coil's team said,

" which means you are not tied to any currency, token or single company. We will start with the background of Interlingger and Monetization of the Web before diving into how to use it on your own. The project aims to address the slow slowdown, the high transaction fees and the construction of unsophisticated payment channels that exist today in the blockchain payment solutions. The team is creating a decentralized payment network that uses Interledger for settlement and is actively working on an Ethereum plug-in protocol . "

If this is actualized, people can also be rewarded via XRP." This news was a big surprise for all Ripple enthusiasts and they hope it will have a good effect on the price of XRP.

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