Ripple current price and analysis (XRPtoUSD) 17/9/18


The current price of Ripple is US $ 0.2809. Today (17/18/18 11:45) the price fell by 0.10%, during this week it rose by 0.16% and during this month it fell by 16.21%. Ripple (XRP) has seen its price go down this year, but it is not alone: ​​in the month of August the top 10 of the cryptocurrencies by market capitalization has lost $ 27 billion worth

. For the year Ripple is down about 85%. The falls this year have been inexorable. Like many other cryptocurrencies, April has seen a significant increase in value, but this is the exception. Every month has been negative, and September seems a continuation of the trend.

Ripple: XRP / US $ 0.2809

  • One day down 0.10%
  • One week up 0.16%
  • One month down 16.21%

Correspondence of the current price and the weekly, daily and monthly price trend of 17/9/18 11:45. All prices on

Current price of ripple

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About Ripple

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) developed by the Ripple company. It is also referred to as a chain transaction protocol (RTXP) or ripple protocol. It can trace its roots back to 2004 when a web developer named Ryan Fugger had the idea of ​​creating a decentralized monetary system and could actually allow people to create their own money.

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Ripple supports cryptography while the US falls behind

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