Ripple CTO David Schwartz: We need bridges for banks to achieve mass adoption


The cryptocurrency industry has been invaded by the chatter of many famous personalities in space. On the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin [BTC] January 3 Genesis Block, Brian Armstrong, Coinbase's CEO had given his comments on the event, a discussion supported by David Schwartz, Ripple's Chief Technology Officer, as well as other XRP supporters.

Armstrong had tweeted:

"Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions of all time and it has launched a global movement, it's great to see an entire ecosystem popping up around it, but Bitcoin is my first love."

The discussion was fueled by many opinions of others in space with David Schwarz stating:

"Banks are where value is today.We need links to the point where today's value is if we have a mass adoption.The Internet got most of its initial growth from the centralized military information services and existing for the same reason ".

Schwartz's comments come in the wake of Ripple's partnership with several banks in the financial sector, and some reports suggest that the cryptocurrency company has created ties to the rhythm of one bank a week. A user on the thread also had a query if Ripple needed the price of XRP to increase or if the difference did not make any difference to Ripple's ambitions. In response, a report stated:

"When the bitcoins were sold for $ 1, you could not really use them to buy or sell a house, you can now." "Larger transactions require more value." The higher the price of XRP, the more ripples the payments can be. targeted. "

In addition to the positive comments on XRP, there have also been many attacks, with some users calling XRP a nice little fiat token & # 39 ;.

"XRP was also in the news recently when the TRX / XRP pair was launched on Bitrue, a Taiwanese cryptocurrency exchange, and Bitrue also announced that they will announce the remaining four pairs by the end of this week."

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