Ripple & # 39; s Convergence Solution with XRP as a basis: Fact or Fiction?


The XRP community is in turmoil with the news that Ripple intends to integrate all the Ripple software products of xVia, xCurrent and xRapid into a single solution known as Convergence .

The idea of ​​a convergence solution came when Ripple's Talent Acquisition Director, Jim Chauncey-Kelly, spoke with the Now interview on August 9th. This is a text messaging interview tool that helps recruiters to communicate with potential employees. In the statement, he said:

At the start of the year, much of what my team was focusing on was taking a lot of engineering. This was probably our biggest boost because we are building a software called Convergence that synchronizes all our 3 main products in one format.

For example, if American Express (one of our customers) wants to send $ 500 to a bank in Thailand, it's an instant quote of what the exchange is and the money goes through. This is something that brings all our products together to further improve RippleNet, which is very exciting.

The article containing this information was later deleted, but this did not stop conversations on Twitter and other online chats. A tweet that mentions "Convergence" from the XRP community can be found below:

Another member of the XRP community declares the following : [19659005] If true, this is a very clever of Ripple . With " Convergence " – all in one package, Ripple simplifies and makes customers unaware what problems and customers are using XRP without any risk …

How could all work [19659013] Since xVia is an API solution that does not require software installation, it can be used to send payments over various networks using a standard interface. xCurrent and xRapid are examples of "various networks" that xVia can facilitate communication between the two for the settlement of cross-border payments. This in turn means that XRP would be at the center of this transaction.

Ripple Only 3 Products

Jim Chauncey-Kelly would later tweet the following on August 17th. The tweet has been deleted since then:

Hello everyone – for clarity – we have 3 products – xCurrent (in production) and 2 more coming – xVia and xRapid. They will soon be in a version of "convergence". There is actually no software called "convergence".

In conclusion, there is a possibility that xVia can be used as a gateway between xCurrent and xRapid. Whether or not this combination will be packaged in a single seamless solution by the Ripple company, will be determined over time. The XRP community may not be wrong in assuming there is a "convergent" solution in the pipeline. The 100% functionality of xRapid is also something to look at before the year runs out.

Disclaimer: this article is not intended to give financial advice. Any opinion here should be taken as well as it is. Perform your research before investing in one of the many cryptocurrencies available.

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