Ripple & # 39; Is not Really A Blockchain & # 39; – Co-founder of Ethereum Downplays XRP, EOS


ConsenSys found and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin told the mainstream media that Ripple "is not a Blockchain technology" on August 14, confirming that "it is not a competitor" for Ethereum.

Lubin: Ripple & # 39; Is not Really A Blockchain & # 39;

Speaking of Bloomberg on the current state of the cryptocurrency market and on the development of Ethereum, Lubin provided a & # 39 interesting review of two of the biggest names in the industry.

Asked what would happen if "Other protocols that trade speed or decentralization for security" are favorably favored in the medium to long term, Lubin appears impassive.

"Ripple is not really a Blockchain technology, it's sort of a payment system, so I do not really consider it a competitor," he told Bloomberg.

Continuing on EOS 0 0 described the project as "a slightly, perhaps slightly off-centered approach to the construction of a Blockchain system".

Lubin here has defined the term "slightly" referring to the decision-making apparatus of EOS, which consists, as he says, "twenty-one people who know each other".

"EOS is an interesting but incredibly dangerous technology to be treated is a level one technology," he continued, disagreeing his prospect was "geek to speak for EOS's death."

… and Ripple is d 'agreement

While Ripple and EOS have addressed their fair amount of criticism in recent months, it is Ripple who has produced a narrative nebula about his real USP even by his own leaders.

As reported by Bitcoinist chief cryptographer David Schwartz described the network as "not a distributed ledger" in words that echoed Lubin, while he also expressed doubts about the absorption of technology from his reference market, the banking sector.

Shortly before, CEO Brad Garlinghouse seemed to contradict his perspective, proclaiming that "dozens" of banks would use Ripple 0 0 .

For Ethereum, meanwhile, Lubin only praised. The activities of developers in the ecosystem in the last ten months have increased by "two orders of magnitude" despite the fall in prices, he revealed.

"We feel the exponential increase of activities in our ecosystem, it is overwhelming what is happening," he added.

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