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RIF Labs Blockchain Service Company launches RSK Name Service (RNS)


RIF Labs went ahead to start the RSK name service

One of the leading blockchain infrastructure services companies, REF Labs, a company led by the team of founders of RSK Lab along with many other executives has just announced its new launch of RSK Name Service, also known as RNS.

What to know about RNS?

The RNS is actually the first implementation of the RIF Directory Protocol, one that was able to allow different users access to the open standard Root Infrastructure Framework, which is the RIF operating system.

Users are assigned complete axes for these services that will allow them to quickly identify relevant resources that are present, such as RSK addresses, social network handles, some public keys and many others that are inside the RSK Live network , all this made possible through legible aliases plus domain names.

According to the RIF Labs CEO, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, the company is continuing to build the current RIF OS along with the expansion of the current capabilities that are within the RSK Smart Contract Network. Initially, when the Internet was developing, it was difficult to understand the transformation potential it was able to offer.

So, without the development of services like DNS, we should all rely on our memory to remember an IP address to access Internet services. He goes on to say that without the development of such services we will not see such massive adoption taking place.

With the use of RNS, it was helpful to try to adequately map the human-readable aliases that can be used in the current difficult to use hexadecimal address used by developers and blockchain users.

How it was made easier this way, if you're looking for your friend, for example calls Alice, instead of searching using this address & # 39; 3h45s56ht87sbla55689nngsjs53fcs34Grnsnb654b & # 39; you can simply go ahead and look for & # 39; alice.rsk & # 39 ;.

The RNS platform is designed to adopt a bidding system that will be used in domain registration; this is to ensure that there is equity all the time. The RNS has become the forerunner when we look at the powerful services offered that will be able to integrate a complete suite of OS RIF protocols, is similar to data storage, some offline payments, with secure communications and data feeds.

Zaldivar went on to say that the company vision was to focus their efforts on creating valuable Internet.

This is where there is an open network where different individuals will be able to transfer the value from one point to another very quickly, without censorship or intermediation. But that's not all, as the company also aims to ensure that RNS is available to all users in the market.

Therefore, the company aims to make the system accessible to billions of individuals who have not been set aside or even underestimated, so they believe in this way to be able to fight the current financial inequality that is devastating the globe.

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