PSG resumes ‘Operation Messi’ and is in conver …


Leo Messi’s future continues to be as uncertain as last summer, since the “10” contract ends in 2021 and has not yet been renewed. The striker has not said what he wants to do for next season, but the reality is that from January he will be able to negotiate his signing with any club in the world. The attacker will arrive completely free to the team he chooses, so the competition for him will be fierce.

Manchester City seemed to be the best placed side to fight for Rosario should they decide to leave, but there is also another club that are positioning themselves well to fight their arrival. It would be approx Paris Saint-Germain, who according to the ‘ESPN’ channel, is already in talks with Jorge Messi, representative and father of the football player.

The Parisians would have called Leo’s agent to start negotiations that will be long and complicated for the interest of the Boat in maintaining it. Despite everything, the Frenchman could play the card of Neymar Jr, a great friend of the Argentine, and the fact that PSG has reached the last Champions League final. The ’10’ wants to fight for the Champions League and going to second place would be a step towards being closer to win it.

However, in Spain I do not agree with this information at all and from “Onda Cero” they denied “ESPN” and the journalist who gave this news, Leo Paradizo. Alfredo Martínez, a colleague of the aforementioned radio station, assured in his personal Twitter account that the father of Messi would not have received any calls from PSG and that there is no type of negotiation between the two sides.

It will be necessary to see which of the two novelties will end up approaching reality, given that the future of the Barcelona captain will depend on it. So far, he hasn’t said anything about what will happen next season and is focused on the day. The attacker wants to focus on the only thing he can control, which is footballand put these problems aside until you have to make a final decision.

In January, there may be news on Messi

There may be news on all of this in January, as that will be when the teams can knock on your door to negotiate directly with you. At that point, Leo will be able to choose the club he wants to play for, be it City, PSG or Barça itself. Almost all Barcelona fans are hoping that the winning president will convince the six-time Ballon d’Or that the best thing for him is to stay.

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