PS5 with Playstation VR: this is how the first testers judge


The PS5 supports Playstation VR. But does the new console offer benefits to PSVR users? Three US media outlets were able to extensively test Playstation VR with Playstation 5. These are their impressions.

If you want to use Sony’s VR glasses with PS5, you must first have many old accessories: the Playstation camera for monitoring and, depending on the game, a DualShock controller, Playstation Move or Playstation Aim controller.

If you play PSVR games that don’t require controller monitoring, like Resident Evil 7, you can also use the new Dualsense controller, according to UploadVR.

Only PSVR games of the PS4 generation are supported. No native PS5 games with PSVR support are currently announced.

A well-known tangle of cables

The setup is similar to that of the PS4, except that an adapter is also required to connect the Playstation’s camera. The new PS5 camera is not compatible with Playstation VR.

The PS5 adapter is a USB converter that turns the Playstation’s camera into a USB device. According to Ars Technica, the camera must be connected to one of the two USB 3.1 ports on the back of the Playstation 5.

The VR glasses processor box can optionally be attached to the front as well. Anyway, Playstation VR is busy at least two of the three USB ports. If you want to connect the VR glasses and an external hard drive to the PS5, you won’t have a USB port for the PS5 camera or to charge the controller. According to the tester, a USB 3.1 hub helps here.

Owners of a Playstation VR can order the PS5 adapter from Sony for free. New buyers can find it in the new PSVR packs.

Compatibility with previous versions without errors

Not much has changed in the configuration software. Users can still calibrate their VR glasses and controllers, as well as digitally measure and set pupillary distance. The PS5 UI appears in the VR glasses and you can still play 2D games in a virtual cinema.

The Installation of games it’s easy to do. After logging into your PSN account, you can see digitally purchased PS4 games in the PS5 game library and choose the titles you want to install. If you have PSVR games on a disc, you can insert them into the appropriate drive and install the game.

The PS5 supports virtually all PSVR games with backward compatibility of PS4. An important exception is Robinson: The Journey (test). If a PSVR title is incompatible, this is indicated with a corresponding symbol.

Shorter loading times

But how are PSVR games played on Playstation 5? According to the testers almost the same as Playstation 4 Pro. If a PSVR game offers graphics enhancements for PS4 Pro, it apparently uses them automatically on PS5.

Road to VR tested a variety of PSVR games and couldn’t find any graphics differences compared to PS4 Pro. The games should work perfectly and the tracking should be the same as on Playstation 4.

The only noticeable improvement is in loading times. They are often only half as long on PS4. In games with extremely long loading times, like Iron Man VR (test), you still have to wait a long time. Of course, PSVR games are by no means optimized for PS5 SSD storage.

“No disclosure”

At this point, it’s unclear if there will be PS5 updates for PSVR games and if Sony will allow PSVR games designed from the ground up for PS5 and take advantage of the console’s enormous graphics power.

UploadVR was able to work after hours of testing and comparing I haven’t noticed any noticeable graphical improvements between PSVR with PS4 Pro and PS5. Ars Technica also did not notice any differences. Performance and resolution are the same as PS4 Pro. UploadVR could not find any PSVR games that would benefit from the announced Boost feature.

The Playstation 5 is an impressive game console worth buying if you don’t buy it for virtual reality, the tester sums up and writes that he is “totally disappointed” with the VR support. The only difference compared to PS4 Pro is the better loading times and the slightly smoother user experience.

Anyone who has used PSVR with a standard PS4 and now gets a Playstation 5 will be happy with the “excellent improvements,” writes Ars Technica. They are an advantage, but not a reason to buy the new console. “PSVR on PS5 is fine, but it’s not a revelation.”

Sources: Road to VR, UploadVR, Ars Technica

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