Professionals agree to give up their salary in the crown crisis


Jochen Schneider was relieved.

On Thursday, Schalke’s management agreed with the players another salary waiver until the end of the season.

The sporting director later said: “As expected, we have reached an agreement with the team on a further salary waiver and have found a very good friendly compromise, which covers the period from 1 August 2020 to 30 June 2021. Contrary to others claims, there was a clear program since the summer, which has been coordinated in view of the extended relocation period “.

The club vehemently rejected a media report that the stars had refused to partially give up their princely salary.

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Salary waiver at Schalke decided before the game in Mainz

In fact, the explosive topic should be included in the next international break. But now there was an early agreement before the important match against Mainz. (Bundesliga, matchday 7: FSV Mainz 05 – FC Schalke 04, Saturday from 3.30pm live ticker)

“It was expected that we would finalize the agreement, which has been verbal for some time, during the upcoming international hiatus and only then will we express ourselves publicly,” Schneider reveals.

“It was just about details and modalities. The team was as understanding for the club’s predicament as they were in the spring of this year. For me it is important that the team never refused, but always worked constructively together. . It is very important for me to positively mention the cooperation with the team council and the attitude of the whole team. “

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Mascarell helps and denies the rejection of the stars

Schalke captain Omar Mascarell, who is one of the best earners in the S04 squad, was in charge of the talks for the team. How SPORT1 learned, the 27-year-old is said to have persuaded a lot in recent weeks. Because not all players should have been thrilled with the idea right away.

In WAZ Mascarell can be quoted as follows: “On behalf of the team, I strongly reject the claim that the team has refused to give up another salary.” The discussions are “not only absolutely useless and anything but useful at this stage”. Above all, they are “wrong and do not correspond to the facts”.

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Players give up 10 percent – Schalke save half a million

When asked, the slimy Pott Club (over 200 million euros in liabilities) did not want to announce how much coal would be saved by the renewed waiver until the end of the season. (SERVICE: The Bundesliga ranking)

After SPORT1-Information, the stars have retroactively given up 10% from August to June. With a salary budget of over 60 million euros, the savings are expected to amount to more than half a million euros per month.

Already reported in March SPORT1 from an initial salary waiver of 30 percent. This allowed the Royal Blues to save around € 10 million between March and June.

At least this important construction site was closed by the Royal Blues before the duel in the cellar against Mainz. On Saturday, the S04 players at Rheinhessen have to deal with the turnaround. Both teams are still winless after six match days.

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