Prince Albert of Monaco caught in a controversial party … and looks like he’s having a great time – World


Prince Albert of Monaco is involved in a strong controversy after being filmed last Friday, 23, at a party with dozens of people, without a mask or social distance.
The head of state of Monaco was one of the guests of the Oktoberfest which took place at Café París, in Monte Carlo. In the images, Alberto appears relaxed singing and waving a white scarf with the other guests. Although the new restrictions on restaurants in Monaco did not come into effect until the next day, due to the increase in infections of the new coronavirus in Europe, Alberto is the subject of strong criticism. It is recalled that Alberto do Monaco was the first head of state to test positive for covid-19 in March, shortly after a meeting with Prince Carlos, also suffering from the disease.

Later, her eldest daughter, Jazmin, also suffered from covid-19 in the United States, where she has lived for months.

Monaco has seen an increase in infections in recent weeks, but the numbers focus on the tens. In all, there are 310 cases in the country, 60 of which are active.

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