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Ripple really believes that its main strength comes from professionals working in the company. The company's team is expanding and, at the same time, the partner network is expanding.

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

The company is currently working to add partners to the growing RippleNet. Amore Finance has joined the network right now. This company is located in Prague and is the first in the country in the list of Ripple partnerships. It aims to offer a wide range of banking solutions and services for different companies.

The main objective of the financial company is to obtain new opportunities for development and growth of its infrastructure. It also wants to facilitate and improve cross-border payments by reducing costs.

Furthermore, it was announced that the financial start-up has entered RippleNet together with Cleverlance, a technology company in the Czech Republic. This company helps Amore Finance to provide access to fast and cheap transactions for its customers with error of zero. However, there is no information to show if Amore Finance will use the xCurrent or xRapid solution with XRP.

About Love Finance

This startup provides banking solutions for individuals and companies. It is located in the Czech Republic and made this move to join RippleNet. Other reports have emerged that this partnership was only possible in collaboration with Cleverlance.

XRP results

Ripple has been in the news for so many good reasons. Cryptocurrency is actively used in the implementation of company solutions; XRP was added to two new cryptographic exchanges during the last week.

One of them is based in Brazil and known as OmniTrade. The exchange has added the currency to its platform and offers investors the opportunity to negotiate with the following pairs: XRP-ETH, XRP-BTC and XRP-Real Brazilian.

Furthermore, the Yobit exchange in Russia added the cryptocurrency to its listing. Currently, available exchange pairs include etereum and bitcoin pairs.

Ripple & # 39; s Reports

The announcements came after the recent reports published by the company. Reports reveal that the company's revenues doubled in the third quarter compared to the second quarter of the same year. In the third quarter, the company managed to sell XRP tokens for $ 163.33 million. In the previous quarter, this sum was only $ 73.53 million.

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