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Prediction of Bitcoin prices – The market continues to pump, Ethereum showing the biggest gains in the top 10

The crypto market continues to hold the green in hand, without losing coins in the top ten positions and almost no currency in red among the top 100

Saturday, December 29 continues to bring cheerful news to crypto investors and traders, allowing them to see appreciate the encrypted market.

Ethereum rushes forward, the USDT remains behind

If you look at the list of the top ten cryptographic coins, you'll see that Bitcoin has grown by 7.64% and is currently trading at $ 3.497, or nearly $ 60 more than Friday night, as reported by U.Today.

In addition to the main digital currency, the largest gains at the time of printing are shown by Ethereum (+ 16.53%). It follows EOS (+ 14.86 percent), followed by Bitcoin Cash (+14.29 percent).

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin are behind

Yesterday's best gainer, Litecoin is showing growth of 13.46% today. Its current price is $ 32.74, a bit higher than yesterday's $ 32.12.

The currency that has increased the smallest so far is Tether (USDT), which last night was the only loser on this list of quality goods.

At press time, Ethereum is going to $ 138.36.

Bitcoin Cash, even though it is behind the ETH in terms of market capitalization, is trading at $ 172.48.

The XRP showed an increase of almost 9 percent. Currently the market capitalization values ​​of XRP and ETH are only $ 1 billion apart.

After this surge, just within a few hours, the total capitalization of the cryptography market has returned to above $ 130 billion.

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The word spread by analysts

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, who recently bet on digital assets to outperform the S & P 500 within the next ten years, believes the bullish rally we see at the moment is short-term.

In his recent interview with CNBC, Pompliano expressed his expectations that Bitcoin could drop to $ 3,000 in the near future to find the fund. Still, he believes in the positive future of Bitcoin, hoping that after Bitcoin has dropped to $ 3,000, the cryptography market will completely reverse.

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