In addition, Token proudly announced its super-mobile mobile wallet that represents a new global revolution option to store your cryptocurrency. The single wallet is designed exclusively for users of Android and iOS phones. So, if you need a mobile wallet that guarantees the security of your cryptocurrency or you want to spend your money on the road without stress, look no further because the Token Plus is the best choice.

Plus Token is an online mobile wallet to store your crypto currency with the concept of profit sharing; This token Plus portfolio is like and an online wallet. However, the more the super-wallet will allow you to earn interest (concept of profit sharing). The AI-dog arbitration system, exchange rate gain, mining income and reference benefits will share a certain percentage with users.

In addition, the token multi-currency portfolio allows users to store 8 major cryptographic coins: Pluscoin coins, Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, XRP, Dogecoin, EOS and Dash. The portfolio has 10 levels of security encryption protection. The core of the original Samsung technology of the Korean team was developed by the research and development laboratory in Seoul, South Korea.

Plus AI-Dog Token, Store your crypto currency and your profit sharing concept

  • Ø AI-dog arbitration system
  • Ø Exchange profit
  • Ø income from mining activities
  • Ø Benefits for referrals.

AI-Dog Arbitrage Robot Artificial Intelligence Profit (Note: Minimum deposit of 500 USD of the aforementioned coin (by coin type) to activate AI-Dog, Arbitrage profit sharing (6% -18% per month) + referral fee 10 level width and vertical 10 depth level 1st level 100% profit and 2nd level 10th level 10% For example, you have two direct referrals, and you will get a vertical depth of up to 2 commission levels If you have 3 direct references , you can get commissions up to 3 levels of vertical depth on your team, so up to 10 levels if you have 10 direct referrals.

Download the app and register here and for more information visit in South Korea-state-grandiose-held / South Korea

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