PlayStation 5: The launch title has been significantly postponed!


If you want to get the PlayStation 5 in local areas from November 19th, you’ll have to do without a launch title. This has now been significantly postponed in the short term.

In a few weeks the time has come and the PlayStation 5 is finally on the market. However, players will then have less exclusive launch titles to choose from, as Sony today announced a corresponding delay at short notice.

We are talking about Destruction Allstars, a mix of action and racing game. The game was supposed to be available exclusively for PS5 just in time for launch, but will no longer be available in the current year 2020. Instead, according to Pete Smith, Director of Product Development at Sony, the title will only be available in February 2021.

At least the postponement has one good thing: Destruction Allstars will appear in the future as a PS-Plus title, so it will be free to subscribers in the next year. After all, the game is a multiplayer title and the goal is to win over as many players from around the world as possible. According to Smit, it’s best to do this via PS Plus.

In the coming week, as a small compensation for the delay, there will also be a new trailer and more information about the game. Those who have already pre-ordered the game at the regular price will of course receive a refund.

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