People with this blood group are particularly hardy


The course of a “Sars-CoV-2” infection varies from person to person: In some cases the course of the disease is practically symptom-free, while others need to be transferred to the intensive care unit.

There is always speculation about possible influencing factors such as age, gender or previous illness. Researchers have now stumbled upon an entirely new question: What role does the blood type of the infected person play?

Coronavirus: does blood type influence the course of the disease?

As a basis for the study, a German-Norwegian research team looked at data from 1980 test subjects. All the people came from Crown crisis areas, such as Italy and Spain, were infected with “Sars-CoV-2” and were dependent on an oxygen supply due to the severe course of the disease.

As a comparison group, blood samples were taken from 2205 healthy people. According to the analysis, the scientists were able to determine who people with Blood group “A” probably much more susceptible for a critical course of the disease than any other group. It says the risk of serious illness That’s 50 percent more than in people with blood type 0, according to the researchers. Blood groups “B” and “AB” would be somewhere in between.

The study, however, is only a “pre-print”, ie a pre-publication not yet approved by independent experts. However, Bundestag SPD member and health scientist Klar Lauterbach has already commented Twitter. There he described the study as “robust” with “surprising results”.

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The study confirms: blood group 0 is better protected

A team of Danish researchers looked at data from over 473,000 people tested for Covid-19 with a control group of over 2.2 million people. They took the data from the national health registers.

The scientists published their findings in the specialist medical portal “American Society of Hematology (ASH)”: Among the people who tested positive for Covid-19 there were an above average number of people with blood types A, B and AB. It was found that people with blood type 0 were significantly less affected by the virus.

Another independent study from Canada, also published in “ASH”, confirms the results from Denmark: of the 95 Vancouver patients examined, patients with blood type A and AB had the most severe symptoms, while those with blood type 0 were significantly fewer. affected.


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