Oxygen has risen … the latest development of Nashwa Mustafa’s health condition after she was infected with Corona


Actress Nihal Anbar, a member of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions, revealed the latest developments in actress Nashwa Mustafa’s health after being infected with the Corona virus.

“Nashwa Mustafa’s condition is improving continuously and I am in constant contact with the doctor who treats her,” Nihal Anbar said in a telephone interview with Azza Mustafa on the “Tahrir Hall” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel.

Vital Nahl Amber: “ I contacted the doctor Healer To Nashwa Mustafa, and he assured me that Nashwa Mustafa’s health condition has improved, ISthat Rate it His oxygen has reached 97% and is constantly improving, and his cough has significantly decreased. “

The artist, Nihal Anbar, launched a strong attack on the pioneers of social networking sites, Social Media, after a rumor spread infection The great cancer artist Abla Kamel.

Anbar said artist Abla Kamel is in good health and lives without problems, pointing out that social media are reporting incorrect news about artist Abla Kamel.


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